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The Crisis Assessment and Support Team

The Crisis Assessment and Support Team (CAST) provides 24-hour mental health crisis support for people aged 16 and older and is staffed by experienced mental health professionals.

CAST provides face to face mental health assessments and short-term follow-up crisis counseling as necessary.

CAST also has the ability to refer people to trained peer specialist and various resources throughout Haldimand and Norfolk Counties to best meet the individual needs.

Services Include:

  • 24 hour phone line
  • short term crisis counselling
  • peer specialists support
  • face to face assessments are arranged


Program Goals:

  • To offer supportive interventions to individuals experiencing mental health crisis.
  • To link individuals during and following a crisis with the necessary community resources and support systems, including peer support, to prevent further crisis.
  • To support caregivers, including family members in managing mental health crisis through educational and problem-solving approaches.


AVAILABLE   -  24 hrs / Day 1 866 487 2278
                       -  7 Days / Week 1 866 487 CAST


All services are confidential and supplied without cost. Services are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Privacy Information

Community Addiction and Mental Health Services of Haldimand & Norfolk