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The BRANT HALDIMAND NORFOLK Telemedicine Services provides non-emergency community based services for adults 16 years of age or older who may be experiencing mental health and addiction problems including older adults with complex needs.

The aim of Telemedicine Services at CAMHS is to increase access to specialized care for those living in Brant Haldimand and Norfolk counties using videoconferencing technology.


  • Telemedicine services at CAMHS uses video cameras and monitors to connect clients with specialists who are not located in your community near you
  • The Telemedicine Services also consists of registered nurses and a Nurse Practitioner certified in Telemedicine and experienced with issues related to mental health, addiction and geriatrics
  • The Telemedicine Nurse Practitioner is available for those clients experiencing mental health and addiction issues who do not have a family physician
  • Referrals are by the physician. If the client does not have a family doctor they must be willing to link with the Nurse Practitioner
  • Telepsychiatry and Telemedicine videoconferencing appointments are available at sites in Brant Haldimand and Norfolk counties
  • Telemedicine Services at CAMHS are supported by the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) which has over 1100 videoconferencing sites in the Province of Ontario located in hospitals and various other health care locations
  • An appointment with a Telemedicine Nurse will take place prior to arranging a consultation. This appointment allows us to collect relevant information for the psychiatrist or other specialists and includes an orientation to the videoconferencing appointment




101 Nanticoke Creek Parkway
P.O. Box 5166,
Townsend, ON
N0A 1S0

Phone number    519 587 4658
Toll Free Phone 1 877 244 3094
Fax number    519 587 4118

All services are confidential and supplied without cost.
This program is funded by T E L EMEDI C INE S E RV I C E S

All services are confidential and supplied without cost. Services are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Privacy Information

Community Addiction and Mental Health Services of Haldimand & Norfolk