Continuum of Care

Community Treatment Orders (CTO)

Are for:

  • Individuals who suffer from serious mental disorders and who have a history of repeated hospitalizations and who meet the committal criteria for the completion of an application by a physician for a psychiatric assessment in the Mental Health Act; and
  • Involuntary psychiatric patients who agree to a treatment/supervision plan as a condition of their release from a psychiatric facility to the community.

The criteria for making an order include :

  • a prior history of hospitalization;
  • a community treatment plan for the person has been made;
  • examination by a physician within the previous 72 hours before entering into the CTO plan ability of the person subject to the CTO to comply with it;
  • consultation of the person and the person’s substitute decision-maker, if any, with a rights adviser; and
  • consent by the person or the person’s substitute decision-maker to the community treatment order. When a CTO is put in place with a client and or their substitute decision maker and a treating physician it may be monitored by our CTO Case Manager.

This particular program is set provincial health care legislation called Bill 68 and is a structured agreement for your mental health services and adherence to the treatment and provider as determined in the agreement signed by you or your substitute decision maker.

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