Continuum of Care

Wellness & Recovery Membership

The Achieve Mental Health and Wellness Recovery Centre is a member driven program. Centre participants are encouraged to attend monthly membership meetings to share ideas, assist in planning and coordinating of centre activities.

Members also elect peer representatives to sit on an Advisory Committee that assists in providing direction to the Centre.


Membership at the Wellness Recovery Centre is $3 a year. Privileges include:

  • Access to all centre activities, events, outings
  • Voting rights at members’ meetings and yearly planning meeting and to elect peer representatives for the Advisory Committee
  • Right to stand for election to the Advisory Committee
  • Receipt of monthly events calendar
  • Receipt of quarterly newsletter
  • Access to limited transportation support


Associate memberships are available for family members, professionals and community members for $6 per year. Associate members have no voting privileges but receive calendars and newsletters and are welcome to attend educational events hosted by the Centre.

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