Continuum of Care

Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team

The Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) partners a uniformed Ontario Provincial Police officer with an experienced mental health professional to respond as first responders to calls through 911 and at the discretion of the On Duty Sergeant.

The program provides persons in crisis, their families and caregivers with timely and appropriate crisis intervention.

Service recipients of MCRRT include individuals presenting with symptoms of mental illness, substance abuse, behavioural disorders, or people in acute crisis situations.

The MCRRT attempts to streamline access to mental health crisis supports in emergent situations, helps ensure that the needed level of care is accessible, and helps reduce the number of unnecessary referrals to the emergency department.

We have an MCRRT team attached to both the Norfolk and Haldimand OPP detachments.


  • The Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team’s (MCRRT) mental health clinicians are embedded in the Norfolk and Haldimand Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) detachments in Simcoe and Cayuga respectively.
  • The MCRRT staff have “MCRRT” identified on the back of the uniform which defines them from the police.
  • The MCRRT staff will introduce themselves and identify their role when they meet with a person in crisis.
  • The MCRRT staff will do an assessment at the scene and will organize services for the person in crisis as appropriate.

All services are confidential and supplied without cost.

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